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Looking to expand your tutoring business or start one from scratch? Ever wondered how to make a living doing the thing you love? Well, here’s your opportunity! Open a free iPrep tutor virtual room and have students schedule live one-on-one paid video sessions with you. 

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Test Preparation

Pre-employment tests, cognitive ability tests, personality tests, aptitude tests (numerical, verbal), critical thinking, and college admission tests.

Math Skills

Pre-algebra, algebra, basic & elementary math, pre-calculus, geometry, analyzing data - carts, tables, graphs, calculus, statistics, and trigonometry.

English Skills

Reading comprehension, writing skills, grammar, syntax, spelling, usage, syllogisms and deductive reasoning, and ESL (English as second language).

Professional Skills

Abstract & figural reasoning, mechanical comprehension, and spatial reasoning.


Biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and anatomy & physiology.


Teachers and/or speaking partners for English, Spanish, German and more.



How do students schedule a session with me?

Your tutor room includes your updated schedule and an interface allowing students to book sessions with you.

Can I Reject a session?

Yes. Once rejected, your student will receive an email with a request to reschedule.

How Will I get paid?

We have a monthly payout schedule in which we automatically wire your funds to your bank account.

Can I Reschedule a session?

While your updated schedule appears on your tutor room, you don’t know your student’s schedule. Therefore, while you can reject a meeting, only the student can reschedule it.

What Currencies Do you Support?

While we only accept USD from students, we do support multiple currencies for the payouts such as USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, GBP, and more.

Can I set my own Prices?

Yes, from your account page you can set up prices and meeting durations.

Who Handles Customer Support?

We handle all customer support. In addition, iPrep tutor has an internal tutor-student messaging system.

What Are Your Fees?

iPrep’s commission is 15% from the total transaction which includes any transaction-related bank fees. The only other fee is the payout wire fee.

How Do I get Started?

Becoming a tutor is free and easy. Simply click here and proceed to the registration process.

Can I meet Groups or Run Live Events?

At this time group meetings or live events are not supported. We are planning to provide this option in the future.

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