How iPrep tutor works

Have a skill, knowledge, or ability to share? Start hustling by letting new students schedule live paid video calls with you. It’s fast, easy, and free to set-up!

No Monthly Charge

free to start, Lifetime Tutor Room,
No transaction fees, 15% commission,
Personalized URL, 24/7 VIP support

Launch Your Tutor Room

Easily set-up your preferred work hours and rates, and spice up your room with your content to make it look great.

Reach New Students

Watch the email meeting invitations come in as new students book paid video sessions with you.

Meet & Teach!

At the scheduled time, click the email link and join the video session with your student. Have a blast!

Your Room

Get your very own customizable tutor room to share with your students.

Your Schedule

Set up your working hours and days off to accept meetings on your free time.

Your Rates

How much you charge is entirely up to you. So set up the rates that you deserve.

Your Hustle

Have you taught some students? Time to get paid directly to your bank account!

Welcome Back, We Missed You!